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Lucy Plont

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Lucy is a feisty 5 year old who enjoys make up, YouTube, dancing, arts & crafts, Barbies & baby dolls. In May of 2023 she was diagnosed with systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis or sJIA. 


Since her sJIA diagnosis she has also acquired Macrophage Activation Syndrome (MAS) which basically means that her bodies immune system is fighting itself and can become fatal. It is commonly associated with sJIA. Between these two diagnosis she has been on many different medications to try and treat and maintain her health and comfort. 


From July-present she is doing weekly IV steroid infusions at Devos Children’s hospital. At her highest dose she was receiving 2000mg of IV steroids a week along with 16ml of oral steroids daily. 


We are still tweaking meds, which is a constant fear. Between side effects and not knowing if the medication will work, it’s very stressful and hard on Lucy’s body. 


When Lucy has a flare up, she can become immobile. Her tiny hands, stuck like little C’s, she’s unable to sit up on her own and sometimes even unable to walk. Along with the arthritis in her joints it also affects her organs, causing fevers and rashes. 


Throughout this entire journey Lucy has kept her sassy personality and still lights up every room she walks into. Lucy’s reason for wanting to find a cure for sJIA-

“Because I want to do hair and make up for Taylor Swift when I grow up and if my hands hurt, I can’t.” 

Delaney "Deedee" Farrington


Delaney was diagnosed with a very rare aggressive type of bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) in her femur at the beginning of year 2023. She is 15yrs old and is very involved in sports as a member of the JV lacrosse and volleyball teams. She has been unable to use her affected leg since March 10, 2023. She experienced complications from a sizable malignant tumor in her femur and missed the last half of her freshman year of school. 


On June 20th, Delaney underwent a 6-8 hour surgery to replace her femur (organ donor) as well as a fibula transfer from her lower calf for rerouting blood vessels. Her recovery from surgery has been long and very painful. She has moved from crutches to wheelchair to walker, back to crutches and now works with a physical therapist to regain more and more walking strength each day when she is not in chemo treatments. 


Her chemo treatments are week long (2 days chemo, 2 days rehydrate) and each round of chemo is 5 weeks. She began round 4 of chemo on September 11th. She was initially given a total of 40 weeks (8 rounds) to complete and has 20 weeks (4 rounds) remaining.


Delaney is beyond courageous. And though this type of cancer has the possibility of being lifelong, Delaney is a fighter and aims to return to high school third trimester 2024 and finish out her sophomore year.

 Boys and Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore

Positive Youth Development is at the center of the work done at the Boys & Girls Club. A fun, safe environment to develop supportive relationships and meaningful opportunities.  

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