The 2020 Muskegon Guns and Hoses is canceled due to COVID precautions.

We will aim for April 2021.

Stay tuned!

Our History: How a game turned into a tradition.

In late 2002, Jon Baker of the Muskegon Police Department approached Todd Rake of the Muskegon Fire Department with the idea of putting on a charity hockey game. The idea was to use a hockey game between police (guns) and fire (hoses) as a fun way for those in the emergency response field to give to children in the community. They also saw an opportunity to reinforce the positive influence firefighters, police officers, medics and other emergency response personnel have as role models in Muskegon County. With the help of volunteers and players from over 30 departments including police, fire, corrections, EMS, hospital ER and US Coast Guard the idea took off and the Muskegon County Guns and Hoses Charity Hockey Game became a reality.


The passing of the torch........

2013 was the beginning of a new era for the Guns and Hoses. In 2013 we introduced new members on each side to head up the event. Lacey Koens for the Hoses and Chris Wilks for the Guns. We would like to sincerely thank Todd Rake and Jon Baker for all of their hard work and dedication for the past 10 years of this event.


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The 2020 Muskegon Guns and Hoses Charity Hockey Game will be held

SEPTEMBER 19th at 5pm at